Other Bicycle Projects

We’re in good company when it comes to delivering bikes to communities in need.  Check out how the 16 or so great projects around the world.

Bicycle Empowerment Network – Namibia

The Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) are our in-country partner in Namibia. They distribute bikes and make sure each town’s fleet of bikes is maintained and provides maximum value over the long term.  The bikes and donations that are given to Bicycles for Change allow BEN to employ and train local people to be bike mechanics and to set up a community bike workshop.


These bike workshops consist of a shipping container with around 350 bicycles, spare parts and tools. The bikes are sold at affordable prices to help run the community bike workshop. Some are donated to community organisations whose volunteers and staff use them to improve productivity.

For instance BEN provide bikes to community based organisations that deliver home-based care to people living with HIV/AIDS and to orphans. Namibia’s HIV/ AIDS infection rate is 19.9 percent, and there are over 100,000 orphans in the country.

More than 12,000 bikes have been given to 36 community organisations and 21 workshops have been set up in this way. They provide mobility, income generating activities and hope to the communities receiving them. The workshops created jobs for 90 people, half of whom are women. BEN have had independent studies done to assess the impacts of their work. The Institure for Transport and Development Policies has also assessed the potential for bikes to impact the health sector. 

To improve access to healthcare BEN also provide bicycle-pulled ambulances. The ambulances are ‘stretchers on wheels’ to transport the sick or pregnant women to a hospital where other transport is not available.

Bikes 4 Tanzania – Project Update

In 2010 we joined with the PAMS Foundatin to develop the Bikes 4 Tanzania project.  This project aimed to provide 100 bicycles and associated equipment to local communities within the Mbarang’andu wildlife management area to reduce the impact of poaching.

Projects of this nature that meet the expectations of all partners is often complex with many factors influencing the likelihood of successful delivery. Unfortunately after a lengthy negotiation with our partners on Bikes 4 Tanzania we were unable to start the Bikes 4 Tanzania project due to a range of in-country factors. No funds were spent on this project.

At the outset we stated that if funds raised for the Bikes 4 Tanzania project remained unspent for any reason they would be used to help get bikes to, and fund the Bicycle Empowerment Centers in Namibia.

Bicycles For Humanity – Global

Bicycles for Change works closely with the global Bicycles for Humanity Network and the Bicycling Empowerment Network to distribute bikes in Africa. Visit www.bicycles-for-humanity.org and www.benbikes.org.za for more.

Bicycles for Humanity has chapters in Australia (Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide), Canada (North Vancouver BC, Whistler BC, Kelowna BC, Thunder Bay ON, Ottawa ON, Toronto ON, Cambridge ON, Guelph ON, London ON, Brampton ON, Regina SK, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Vernon BC, Mississauga) , England (Manchester, London), USA (Denver CO, Santa Rosa CA, Silicon Valley CA, Colorado, Esatforf CT, Chicargo IL, Clarkston MI, Portland OR, Seatle, Athens, Montana) and Germany, and Japan.

Bikes for Bush – west of Alice Springs

Cycling is one of the true world sports and Indigenous art is the natural window to Australian culture. It is an art movement that has captured the imagination of the world. By pairing the two, Bikes for Bush has the power to connect remote Indigenous communities with a broader international‐conscience and make a real, lasting difference to the relevance of one of the oldest continuing cultures of the world

Non Truancy Project – Palm Island Australia

The Catherine Freeman Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2007 with the aim of creating pathways to a brighter future for indigenous children. The Catherine Freeman Foundation works in partnership with community organisations, businesses, schools and other philanthropists in facilitating educational opportunities for young indigenous girls.

The CFF presents mountain bikes to pupils who show the biggest attitudinal change in the following areas: attitude to their peers; behaviour in school; attendance; academic achievement and manners. Over the past two years, the program has resulted in a 20% increase in attendance rates at both local schools and will continue awarding more bikes, as well as Dunlop sneakers as incentives for regular school attendance.

Tour d’Afrique Foundation

This foundation encourages participants in their tours to raise funds. It was set up at the same time as the Tour d’Afrique Bicycle Race/Expedition. It gives something back to the people and the communities of the areas that the cycling tours pass through. They also raise consciousness about bicycles as an alternative and, in many ways, better and more beneficial means of transport.

The Foundation donates bikes to individuals and organisations in Africa and supports bicycle advocacy.

The Bicycle Factory – Canada

Cadbury’s has initiated delivery of 5,000 bikes to children in Ghana, Africa as part of its innovative consumer promotion called The Bicycle Factory. The bikes will reach more than 200 communities in central and southern Ghana and will provide access to education to thousands of kids who would normally be at risk of not going to school. Cadbury worked closely with World Vision Ghana, Care, the Voluntary Services Organization and the Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia to ensure the effective distribution of the bicycles. With the need for bikes great in all regions, the team identified the children most at risk were those that walked a minimum of 3 km to school each day. The bikes are also specially designed for the African terrain. They are equipped with a single gear and mud guards, have a basket for carrying books, and have a sturdy carrier to also help carry little brothers and sisters to school.

World Bike Relief – Chicago, IL, USA

World Bike Relief provides access to independance and livelihood through the power of bicycles. The organisation was founded by SRAM Corporation and Trek Bicycles in 2005 and supported by many individuals, foundations and corporations, World Bicycle Relief specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle programs by providing supply chain management, technical knowledge and logistics expertise to poverty relief and disaster assistance initiatives.

Biketown – USA

The Rodale Institute and BikeTown Africa are ideal partners in the effort to provide funds for bicycles to increase nutritional and medical support to AIDS sufferers in Africa. The Rodale Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is expressed as “Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People.” The Institute has a longstanding history in Africa, including a bicycle program in Senegal. BikeTown Africa, founded by Rodale Inc., publisher of Bicycling magazine, is designed to provide bicycles to assist AIDS sufferers in Africa.

Bicycling Magazine¹s BikeTown Africa program is in its third year, having delivered more than 700 bikes to groups fighting HIV/AIDS in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. This fall, the project will deliver another 1,000 bikes to healthcare workers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Health care workers will use the bikes to distribute anti-retroviral drugs and provide home care to people infected with HIV. They will also disseminate information about how people can protect themselves from HIV and on the importance of being tested for the virus. Doing this work on foot, workers in remote areas can sometimes see only one or two people in each day with bicycles it is anticipated that that number could rise to as many as five visits per day.

Other Projects and Organisations

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  2. Deadly Treadlies
  3. BEN Namibia
  4. Cadbury’s efforts in Ghana http://www.csrwire.com/press/press_release/28108-Cadbury-Delivers-5-000-Bicycles-to-Ghana-Africa- and  http://www.thebicyclefactory.ca
  5. World Bike Relief www.worldbicyclerelief.org
  6. Biketown http://www.konabiketown.com/ or http://www.bicycling.com/biketown/africa.html