Bicycle Empowerment in Namibia

Bikes empower communities

Bicyclees for Change packed a shipping container with 400 bikes and the equipment needed to start a bike workshop in Karasburg. We raised funds to pay for transportation of the bikes, the shipping container and part funded the setup of the workshop.

Over 12,000 bicycles are now an integral part of Namibia’s transport system. Check out the map of projects implemented here or click on the map below.

BEN Namibia project locations

Bikes for Humanity groups in 49 towns around the world collect bikes and send them to Africa. Together these organisations are making a big impact. They are currently focused on Namibia and Uganda.

The Sydney sourced bikes provide mobility, income generation activities, hope and dignity to people across Namibia.

Bicycles for Change’s in-country partner for this project is the Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia (BEN). BEN and their partners use the bikes and the shipping containers we send to establish bicycle empowerment centers. So far more than 23 bicycle empowerment centers provide bike sales and maintenance services to their communities. The centers have provided skills training and created jobs for over 90 Namibians, half of whom are women.

Bicycles for HIV/AIDS-affected communities

Some of our bikes are distributed to community-based organisations whose volunteers and staff use them to greatly improve the efficiency of their work. To date, over 36 community based organisations have been given bikes. Most of these organisations provide home-based care to people living with HIV/AIDS  as well as the orphans, and vulnerable children impacted by HIV/AIDS. Namibia’s HIV/ AIDS infection rate is 19.9 percent, and there are over 100,000 orphans in the country so many more bikes and centers are needed.

Lifeline Childline in Ondangwa, Namibia provides support to people impacted by HIV/AIDs

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