About us

Donated bikes are packed into the containers at each site.  Each container can hold up to 400 bikes.  These containers are shipped to Namibia where they are opened and become a bike shop in rural communities.

Our values

  • We RESPECT the time and effort our volunteers provide
  • We create SIMPLE, LONG TERM solutions to improve peoples lives
  • Our Supporters have FUN and achieve a sense of GIVING
  • We CARE for our volunteers, supporters and those in need
  • We are a SMALL and nimble organisation

An estimated 1.2 million bikes are sold in Australia every year. This means there is a large untapped resource of second bikes waiting for a new life. Our aim is to collect the best of these bikes along with donations to send them to reliable partner organisations overseas.

We were founded in Australian in 2009 with the support of many volunteers and partners.

Do bikes make a difference?

Compared to walking, bikes give people a big jump in productivity. They save a lot of time and energy moving people and stuff around.

Here are some examples of the amazing power of bikes:

  • Bicycles increase carrying capacity, five times as much as compared to walking.
  • Bicycles increase the distance a person can travel by four times compared to walking.
  • Bicycles save time; approximately three hours for every ten miles traveled compared to walking.

Bicycles for Change works with Bicycling Empowerment Network as our major partner distributing bikes in Africa.

An enterprise box in Namibia.

 What does our in-country partner do?

Based in Karasburg, our in-country partner – the Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) refurbishes our shipping containers into a ‘Bicycle Empowerment Centres’. The containers become pre-fabricated bike workshops providing skills training, employment and business opportunities to the community.

Our Namibian partner has provided 34 centers that have distributed bicycles for the transport of medical staff and equipment, and to assist people to get from A to B when they otherwise would have walked. Rather than sitting in the garage your old bike could remove the tyranny of distance for HIV nurses and educators. Find out more about how to donate your bike and get it to Africa.